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Whats our favourite type of website to develop?

Whats our favourite type of website to develop?

We've been asked on our Twitter Feed recently, "What's your favourite type of website to develop?".

It's a great question.

On the one hand, we do highly stylised blogging websites such as, where the main focus is on style, user readability and the ease of use for the site owner.

On the other hand we have enjoyed building intranet sites that revolutionise the way our client companies do their day-to-day work, such as, where we built a comprehensive calendar system that made their office much more efficient.

And if we had three hands we could also mention doing our wonderful brochure style websites, like, or… These sites focussed on SEO and driving business, securing customers and were a real 'shop window' for the respective companies.

Which websites do we enjoy the most?

Honestly? We prefer the custom built intranet style sites. On these sites you really get your hands dirty in the code, and considering our background in computer science, getting into the code is what we most enjoy.

We work with PHP and MySQL databases. We also work with the Joomla Platform and with CodeIgniter. Both are great web frameworks, joomla has lots of features, CodeIgniter is ultra lightweight and great fro smaller web apps.

We also use the JQuery framework and we're really excited about JQuery 2.0.

We're always looking for more business so why not get in touch about your new web project!

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  • Cindra


    19 August 2014 at 19:26 | #

    I really enjoyed your article. I currently use Twenty Fourteen Theme which is a magazine theme and people really like that theme. I like your ideas of Joomla Platforms. I will have to try them out. Thanks for sharing this article. Cindra


  • Syreeta Rickman

    Syreeta Rickman

    23 October 2014 at 07:21 | #

    Using JQuery helps you interact with the database. Indeed, CodeIgniter is good for small web apps. And finally, Joomla, I haven't tried it yet. I'll give it sometime and switch to it. It's been receiving good reviews lately, might wanna give it a try.


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